How To Get 100 Followers in 24 Hours

Sophie Albo
1 min readFeb 17, 2022
Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

I apologize for the very clickbait-y title…But now that I have your attention…

Let’s support each other!

I’ve noticed a lot of articles on Medium about how to help one another reach our first 100 followers, so I decided to give it a go! I’m really close to reaching my goal, and I wanted to do something nice for other people at the same time! This post is for you if you’re like me and want to learn about new writers and discover new talented individuals!

Here are the rules;

  • Follow me
  • Clap for this story
  • Introduce yourself in the comment
  • I’ll go and follow everyone who commented + clap on your stories

It’s that simple!

A little bit about me…I started writing on Medium in December 2020 but started to take it more seriously this year. I am writing about marketing for the past month and I got lucky to see some of my articles getting a lot of engagement and being published on publications with 100k+ followers. It’s always nice to see hard work pay off, it’s a good reminder to never give up!

Anyways, see you in the comments!…



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